Root Grinding and Pruning

Prune The Roots or Remove The Tree?

When dealing with an invasive root system from a tree, sometimes removing the tree is an option. But, in the case where the tree adds significant value to your property, or the roots are from a tree on an adjacent property, or some other reason for not removing and replacing the tree, you may have to consider root pruning.

Though root pruning seems a little harsh on a tree, it can be accomplished successfully when the correct measures are taken to ensure the trees health, such as cutting the tree back to adjust the top weight for the changes made at the root system. For the tree trimming phase you would need to contact a Boca Raton Tree Service.

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Root Pruning Recommendations

Our Boca Raton root pruning technician has the experience to assess your root system, and determine if it qulifies for root pruning. We have also developed relationships with Boca Raton certified arborists, whom, if we need them, can help us identify problem spots, and suggest any maintenance for the tree, if any is required for the root pruning process.

If you have roots invading your driveway, pool area, home, pipes, or other vegetation, give Boca Raton Stump Grinding Services a call, and let us provide you with a free quote, and competitive root pruning services today, at 954-540-6713

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