Residential Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Around Dwellings

There are many things to be aware of when stump grinding close to a house, apartment building, or any other dwelling. There are water pipes, drainage pipes, electrical lines and other things that run underground to supply homes with power, drinking water and sewage disposal.

Our residential stump grinding technician will arrive, and immediately assess the property and determine whether location services need to be contacted to mark underground utilities. If no location services are required, the technician will began with the task of grinding your stump or stumps.

Tree stumps may sometimes be right next to your home or driveway, but that is not a problem for our stump grinding technician. We have the ability to grind stumps within inches of your home, without doing damage to your property.

boca raton residential stump grinding

Stump Grinding Around Swimming Pools

Although stump grinding around swimming pools requires an assessment of the surrounding area, the are usually no underground utilities close enough to the pool to warrant a call to location services.

However, there will be other factors such as pool piping, and electrical lines that may come into play. Before beginning the task of stump grinding around your pool, our technician will ask you specific questions about the location of piping, as well as making an inspection of the area.

Many swimming pools are located in small back yards, and have very little room to operate in. That is not a problem for our stump grinding technicians, as we have equipment that is suited for most challenges, and as with stump grinding next to your home, we can get within inches of your pool, without damaging the pool or any of it's components.

boca raton residential stump grinding services